Learning Cebuano with Chris

Learning Cebuano with Chris

Chris Gibson

Follow me as I learn the Filipino language Cebuano. My podcast will feature tools for learning including grammar, vocab and techniques, as well as overviews of books, apps, podcasts and other resources. Enjoy!

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This week I have been learning simple greetings in Cebuano. In this episode I talk through the greetings I have come across, including:

  • Maayong buntag – Good morning
  • Maayong udto – Good high-noon
  • Maayong hapon – Good afternoon
  • Maayong gabii – Good evening
  • Maayong adlaw – Good day 

As well as:

  • Kumusta man ka? - How are you?

And a couple of responses to each.

A couple of resources I mention in the episode, are the following YouTube episodes, that have been very helpful:

Fidel Jezrel Gido's ‘Useful Bisaya Phrases – Polite Greetings

Miguel Yan's 'Introductions 1' and 'Common Greetings'

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