Acoustic Voices: A Guitar Podcast

Acoustic Voices: A Guitar Podcast

The Fretboard Journal

A unique collaboration between Breedlove Guitars and the Fretboard Journal, where you can meet some of the larger-than-life craftspeople, musicians and personalities behind this thoroughly innovative guitar maker.

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These days, Lloyd Baggs (LR Baggs) is synonymous with great acoustic guitar pickup systems. But it hasn't been easy. This self-taught tinkerer - who started building one-of-a-kind acoustic guitars for legendary musicians in the '70s and early '80s - only turned to sound amplification after an eye-opening experience with Ry Cooder. "[After that] I spent so much time thinking about pickups," he remembers, "I stopped building guitars."

During our chat, Baggs recounts the ups-and-downs of perfecting pickups, the importance of a pre-amp for gigging musicians, his work for various brands (including Breedlove) and describes how he's returned to his first love... building acoustics.    It's a fascinating chat with one of the music industry's true pioneers. 

Acoustic Voices: A Guitar Podcast is an all-new collaboration between Breedlove Guitars and the Fretboard Journal magazine. We hope you enjoy it. Our music is by Luke Basile. Love the show? Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts and share it with your friends.

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