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Welcome to Criminal Defense with Laboy Law, the show that helps you survive your Arizona criminal defense case with dignity and respect. This is also a show about crime, court, & disaster. But it’s not all dark and gloomy! We’re gonna help you survive criminal defense in Arizona, share the daily collision of courtroom jubilation and agony, and describe winning criminal defense case studies, tips, and strategy. Raw. Gritty. Fun, and always honest. This is... “Criminal Defense!”

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On this episode of Criminal Defense, Julio shares his personal background and how those experiences help clients in the defense process. Joining him today is experienced Defense Investigator, Greg Price, who is driven by a search for the truth. They talk about how investigative work benefits the client, the resources available to investigators that help uncover the truth, and more. Let Julio know if you agree or over rule to the objection of the week! 

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