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Humans, Now and Then

Rebecca Scott

Humans, Now and Then explores how our rapidly changing world impacts our human experience, now and in the future. If you like the show, please share with others to help get them involved in the conversation about the future.

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It is a fascinating and challenging time to be in marketing. The technology landscape is rapidly growing, but maybe not as fast as the growing concerns about consumer privacy. So, how to companies continue their marketing journey into the future while maintaining the trust of consumers?  In this episode, I speak to JC Granger, CEO of Infinity Marketing Group, about the future of marketing, and how to consider balancing that with consumer trust and privacy.


J.C. has 20 years in digital marketing experience. He launched his agency in 2011 and finds particular joy in empowering tech companies to grow while discovering exponential digital sales success. J.C is a passionate and skilled marketer who takes pride in Infinity Marketing Group’s ability to deliver a comprehensive ROI for its clients.



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