I Am Mentally Tough Podcast

I Am Mentally Tough Podcast

Gladine Frasso

The I Am Mentally Tough Podcast was created to help athletes reach PEAK PERFORMANCE. The show discusses what most coaches are not talking about, and that is the MENTAL side of the game. Join one of the nation’s top Mental Performance Coaches for basketball players and keynote speaker, Gladine Frasso and her Co-host Professional Skills and Development Coach, David Anderson as they dive into the mental barriers (such as lack of confidence, pressure, fears, lack of focus, habits) that basketball players face on and off the court, and strategies/techniques they can use to build their mental toughn

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In this podcast episode we had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Tywanna Smith. She has an extensive and comprehensive background in sports as a retired professional athlete, award-winning sports manager, and award-winning sports researcher. In this episode she discusses the conversations around confidence as it relates to an athlete's transition through and out of sports. She has honed processes and created programming to address this mindset shift and the necessary readiness to transition smoothly into the next chapter of their lives.

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