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In this episode, we speak with Alex our recent IELTS success student who scored Band 7.5 in 10 days! 
You will love this story!! 
Alex emails me the other day: 
Hi Team,
…the premium essay checker helped immensely in prep for this. I only had less than 10 days to study for my IELTS General this time around and was sleep deprived when I took it but happy to report I got 7.5 in Writing (and 8.5 overall)!
When I got that message we had to reach out and ask for an interview
Listen to this episode and you will learn how Alex scored Band 7.5 in 10 days: 

* Her unique MACHINE GUN* approach to essay training 
* How she found the balance between flowery prose and PR writing
* Her unique “BATTLE READY” exam preparation routine

*The MACHINE GUN approach works best with the premium online essay checker
Here is the full email I got from Alex: 

This March, when you upgrade to our premium essay checker service (packs start at $6 / month!), not only can you speed up your preparation time but you will get our Task 2 Writing Course FREE of charge!
You can download or listen to the full tutorial here:
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