It’s Christmas

It’s Christmas

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Christmas no 1 single, Christmas no 1 album Christmas tv , Christmas movie , Christmas most sought after toy, was it a white Christmas & more

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Christmas 1987, possibly the greatest Christmas ever.......

We have a Christmas song at the end of the show but if you'd like your piece of Christmas music included, be it a child or yourself playing a Christmas song or piece of music please email it in to & we'll happily replace our tune for the next episode...

Merry Xmas, please check out The Christmas Cracker Podcast, also on The After Dark Podcast Network

As with most of these episodes there's history that, now, isn't right, it wasn't right then either but it was more excepted then.  The Black & White Minstrel show was huge in the u.k. right up to the 1970's & even now white people have been blacking up for comedy, repeating history.  Please take the time to listen to the podcast 1619 from The New York Times.  It's imperative that we learn from history & don't make the same mistakes #BlackLivesMatter

Our Christmas Playlist

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Russ Abbot Christmas Show - Christmas Day 1987

In Sickness And In Health 1987 Christmas Special


A Duty Free Christmas

My Top 10 Favorite Funny Moments of ALF

EastEnders - David Scarboro’s Last Appearance As Mark Fowler (25th December 1987)

Hilda Ogden’s Final Appearance ( 25th December 1987 )

TOTP Chart Rundown Christmas Day 1987

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