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LC/MS On-Line Training

LC/MS Online Training

One of the challenges faced by LC/MS scientists and laboratory personal is staying current on cutting edge developments in LC/MS and bio-analysis techniques. Podcast LC/MS On-Line Training can help. We’re committed to bringing to you (in audio podcast format) new developments direct from those doing the hands-on research from around the US and across the world. Our on-going interviews with the scientists and graduate students are published and made available free of charge on this web site and the iTunes podcast platform.

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This month we talk with Dr. Gary Schultz around his journey with LC-MS from graduate school to his days at Rohm and Haas to the world of high-sensitivity biomarker assays. Gary is a self-confessed LC-MS technology junkie but he has also consistently demonstrated an ability to see the practical solutions the advances in LC-MS instrumentation […] The post #3 Gary Schultz: From Chemical Industry to Biomarkers and Beyond appeared first on .

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