Moments With Jesus: Immersive Bible Stories for Kids

Moments With Jesus: Immersive Bible Stories for Kids

Eugene Luning

Help kids to encounter Jesus for themselves! Perfect for family devotions, 'The Moments with Jesus' Podcast tells Bible stories in a way that powerfully connects with children and adults alike! Through dynamic, first-hand-style storytelling, you will be immersed in the midst of exciting stories from the four Gospels, putting you face to face with the Living Word Himself.

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In this final, official midweek discussion of 'Season 1' of the Moments with Jesus Podcast, Eugene and Christian discuss Pentecost!

They talk about how amazing prayer truly is, now that the Son has ascended and sits at the Father's right hand. They cover the significance of the 'tongues of flame' that rested on the gathered disciples. And they talk about what it's like to live with the same kind of wild inner life that Jesus had!

Through the discussion, they weigh the pros and cons of liturgy, how to shake yourself out of spiritual monotony, and what it looks like to walk in a moment-by-moment attentiveness to the Spirit's guidance.

Make sure you listen through to the end to find out what's next for the Moments with Jesus Project!

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