Singapore Literature reviewed by an Angmoh

Singapore Literature reviewed by an Angmoh

Asger Dauagbjerg

I am a Dane living and working in Singapore. I love to read, but sad to say I haven't read much Singapore literature in the past. I am however now, and I want to share my experience with you. So what does an angmoh (Singapore slang for a white man - or Westerner) think about different Singapore fiction books? In every episode I will review one book: what is it about, what do I think, and what in particular do I find interesting as a non-Singaporean.I have selected all books from The Straits Times article from Dec 2021 'The 50 greatest works of SingLit'.

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Catherine Lim is now one of my new favourite Singaporean writers. So, I am glad that she has two books on the SingLit Top 50 list. Hence, both episode 24 and 25 will be about Catherine Lim. Both her books on the list are collection of short stories.
This week's review book ‘Or Else, The Lightning God & Other stories’ is a great book.  Let me tell you why...

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