Stocks for Beginners

Stocks for Beginners

Philip Muscatello

I interview industry experts so you'll learn what to do, what to ask and - ideally - how not to lose money.I'm just like you I want to make money from the stock market but I find the terminology confusing. I want to be able to make informed decisions. Let's learn together on Stocks for Beginners.

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Is money a mass delusion? What role does trust play in our financial system, and is there a way of doing it better? I wanted to find out more about money. The more I thought about, the less sense it made. Does money only have value because we agree to that illusion? Omid Malekan joined me to explain the history of money, how trust works, and why blockchain technology is re-engineering that trust. Omid Malekan has spent years being confused about crypto, so you don’t have to be. 

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