The Fifth Edition by Infinite Banking Authorized Practitioners

The Fifth Edition by Infinite Banking Authorized Practitioners

John Montoya, John D. Perrings

The Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC) is privatized banking, using the cash value of a whole life insurance policy as the platform. Your hosts, John Montoya and John Perrings, are authorized IBC practitioners with the Nelson Nash Institute, dedicated to educating consumers about Infinite Banking. Listening to this podcast, you'll learn about life insurance, cash value, dividends, policy loans, policy design, and more. Most importantly, you'll learn how IBC puts you back in control of your money so you can keep it, grow it, and pass it on without taking any of the unnecessary risks that you otherwise get when you listen and follow the mainstream advice about personal finance. The podcast title, "The Fifth Edition," is a tribute to the final print edition of Nelson Nash's book, "Becoming Your Own Banker," before his passing in 2019. The Fifth Edition podcast is our way to carry on Nelson's mission by explaining The Infinite Banking Concept® in simple terms so that you can make it real in your life!

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When you’re making financial decisions for yourself, you need to be aware of the economic landscape around you. However, this can be difficult to do given how quickly and often things can change. This week, we tackle a listener question: “Will the traditional rules of finance hold strong or will the rules change in the next 40 years?” Tune in to hear John and John break down what the “rules” actually are. They show you what’s behind the curtain and who is really pulling the strings – but they also reveal how these “traditional rules” become so widespread and accepted. Episode Outline:● (0:17) - Listener question, the guys consider “the rules we have right now ● (3:48) - Start of Part 1: What are the traditional rules of finance, what are the assumptions people have ● (6:07) - Investing and saving, how one can harm the other when you’re wealth building or preparing for retirement ● (12:01) - Rules, restrictions, limitations of custodial accounts (401ks, IRAs) ● (17:34) - Issues with “being safe” and keeping your money as liquid as possible, inflation, money supply and where the banks and the government fit in ● (23:41) - Mainstream opinions and where they can take you ● (26:18) - Start of Part 2: The principles of personal finance that DON’T change, “traditional vs. typical” ● (29:14) - The importance of contractual guarantees, how IBC grows and protects your money ● (31:40) - The one type of rate of return nobody talks about - but IBC gives you About your hosts:Hosts John Perrings and John Montoya are dedicated to spreading the word about The Infinite Banking Concept® so you can discover for yourself how you and your loved ones can benefit with a virtual streamlined process that will take you from IBC novice to sharing the strategy with friends and family... even the skeptics! John Montoya is the founder of JLM Wealth Strategies, began his career in financial services in 1998 and is both an Authorized IBC® and Bank on Yourself® professional licensed nationwide. John Perrings started StackedLife Financial Strategies after a 20-year career in the startup world of Silicon Valley where he specialized in data center real estate, finance, and construction. John is an Authorized Infinite Banking® professional and works nationwide. Connect with us and get at where you can find additional resources and schedule a no-obligation consultation to see how IBC could work in your life.

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