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The future of security lies in shifting security left: codifying security and embedding it into DevOps workflows to keep up with the complexity of cloud-based systems and applications without sacrificing speed or agility. In this podcast, we will be meeting with guests and discussing topics related to cloud security, best security practices, tools, and technologies that can facilitate the shift to the left.

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Zero trust security has become a buzzword of sorts. Nonetheless, its principles are powerful and necessary in a digital world where the “Trust but verify” model is no longer enough.

The threat landscape has significantly increased in the complex world of cloud computing, cloud-native applications, Kubernetes, microservices..etc. Designing and building your architecture with the “Never trust, always verify” mindset or rather the zero-trust principles can enable companies to build secure infrastructure and reap the promised benefits of all that is in the cloud.

According to the 2020 Security Priorities Study, 28% of the security professionals surveyed were either piloting zero trust or had it in production and 40% claim it’s on their plan.

In this episode of the SaC, we will discuss with Daniel Feldman, Zero Trust Architecture, the SPIFFE and SPIRE project, and what the future holds for zero-trust networks.  Some of the questions we tackle in this episode are:

  • What is Zero Trust and what does it mean for organizations?
  • The importance of zero-trust security for hyperscalers (such as Google and Amazon).
  • How the regulated industries (such as Fintech and Healthcare) need zero trust
  • SPIFFE and SPIRE Project: how it started and where it is now.
  • How does the future of zero trust architecture

About Our Guest

Daniel Feldman is a cloud security architect at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He’s a member of the CNCF SPIFFE project for zero trust tooling and co-authored the book Solving the Bottom Turtle, a book presenting SPIFFE and SPIRE standards.

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