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Unconventional Dyad Podcast

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On episode 44 of the Unconventional Dyad Podcast, Laura speaks with Dr. Nafissa Ismail, Associate Professor and researcher. Topics of discussion include…

- Stress-induced mental illnesses

- The gut-brain axis and its role in mental health

- The effects of stressors on puberty and adolescent mental health

- How probiotic consumption during puberty might protect against depression and anxiety

- The physiological and neurological effects of the COVID-19 virus and pandemic on children and teens

- Sex differences in mental health

- Open Science and the power of collaboration, and

- Integrating the body into the study of the mind

Dr. Ismail is an Associate Professor at the School of Psychology at the University of Ottawa and the holder of a University Research Chair in Stress and Mental Health. She obtained her PhD from Concordia University in 2009. She then completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Massachusetts and joined the University of Ottawa in 2012. Her research expertise is in Neuroimmunology and Neuroendocrinology. She was awarded Young Researcher of Year by the University of Ottawa and Early Researcher Award by the province of Ontario. She was also awarded the prize for activity in the media and in the community 2021 by the Faculty of Social Sciences. She is also a member of the Global Young Academy.

Follow Dr. Ismail on Twitter: @ismail_nafissa (twitter.com/ismail_nafissa)

Connect with Dr. Ismail on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/nafissa-ismail-890aa899/

Find out more at uniweb.uottawa.ca/members/964

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