Violin Adventures with Rachel Barton Pine

Violin Adventures with Rachel Barton Pine

Rachel Barton Pine

Violinist Rachel Barton Pine talks about music and shares some of her performances

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Episode 81: Yes You Can! How to Easily Make Your Own Arrangement of a Rock or Pop Song for String Ensemble


Upcoming Events: August 13 – master class for the Sphinx Performance Academy at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, August 17 and 18 – Paganini 24 Caprices at the Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, IL, August 26 – chamber music by Chinese composers at Millennium Park in Chicago

Inquiries from my Inbox: David asks: “What is the best thing about performing unaccompanied violin music? What are three of your favorite moments in the violin literature?


Random Musical Thought: A modern violin in a historically-flavored work of art is as out of place as if someone were wearing blue jeans.


Main Topic: Rachel explains how to make your own arrangement of a rock or pop song for string ensemble. Includes tips on how to get the tab as a reference, choose your aesthetic, figure out the structure, decide who plays which part, pick a key, experiment with orchestration, add in the “drums,” figure out the bowings, pick a tempo (or tempos), add some dynamics, work on the guitar solos, and get performance-ready. Adapted from her class at the Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp – for more information, please visit


Total playing time: 00:55:38




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