Stories Philippines Podcast - Pinoy Tagalog Horror CreepyPasta Kwento at Takutan

Stories Philippines Podcast - Pinoy Tagalog Horror CreepyPasta Kwento at Takutan

Stories PH

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In this compelling episode of "Stories Philippines Podcast," our guest, Marisel, shares her chilling experiences with an unsettling shadowy figure during two episodes of paralysis. Her first encounter with the figure occurred during an afternoon nap, while the second was an early morning incident that left her questioning the very nature of her experiences.

Marisel takes us through her journey of finding solace in faith and prayer, using 'in Jesus name' as her fortress against these terrifying encounters. She also shares a piece of advice she received—that the black figure might be a real entity—which only heightened her apprehension. This narrative serves as a stark reminder for us to keep an open mind, but also to trust in the power of faith for protection against unseen threats.

Keywords: 👻 Supernatural encounter 🛡️🙏 Protection and faith 😵‍💫 Paralysis


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