Mga Kwento sa Kwarto ni Kiko by Don & Ivy Sepe

Mga Kwento sa Kwarto ni Kiko by Don & Ivy Sepe

Don & Ivy Sepe

Mga Kwento sa Kwarto ni Kiko is dedicated to the young and the young-at-heart. We first got this idea to share our stories with others when we were in our son's (Kiko's) room. We wanted to pass on the learnings that we gained through the years with him and with his generation. This is our way of giving back for all the goodness that had been imparted to us. May you find this useful for your life's journey. We are also works-in-progress. We also learn with you. Let us know if you have topic suggestions!

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With the rise of successful people who never finished their college degrees, people are left thinking if sulit pa ba mag-aral at gumastos sa college education.  

With the rising cost of formal education is it still the best option to reach your goals in life?  

In this episode, we share our insights and experiences on the importance and limitations of formal education.  

We point out the important role of school and college education in our life and its impact as ating success and happiness.  

Ikaw? Let us know sa comment section what you think of this "stepping stone" to success. ========================================

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