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Pakinggan Pilipinas

The first Filipino fiction podcast which started in 2010. Listen to short stories by esteemed contemporary authors such as Dean Francis Alfar, Sarge Lacuesta, FH Batacan, Eliza Victoria, and more. Stories read by volunteer readers. Produced and hosted by Elyss Punsalan.

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In 2012, I said it wasn't the end of the world. In this very last episode from our archive, we hear “COCONUT” by Marianne Villanueva, narrated by fiction writer Maryanne Moll. The story appeared in Marianne’s collection of stories “The Lost Language”, published by Anvil (2009).

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Marianne Villanueva is the author of the story collections Ginseng and Other Tales From Manila, Mayor of the Roses, and The Lost Language. Marianne also blogs at

ABOUT THE READER Maryanne Moll was formerly a bank clerk, fast food chain manager, radio DJ, and school instructor before settling down to write essays and fiction pieces. She has won a Palanca for her short story, "At Merienda," and has done freelance writing and editing for several publications.

This episode was originally released in January 2012. A lot of the things mentioned in the episode may or may not have come to pass. For more accurate updates, follow us on Facebook@PakingganPilipinas or Twitter@pakingganpinas.   

Hosted and produced by Elyss Punsalan. Story used with permission from the author.

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