Angular Master Podcast

Angular Master Podcast

Dariusz Kalbarczyk

Learn, grow and connect with the Angular community like never before. The Angular Master Podcast is a broadcast aimed at all Angular developers. We cover topics such as building production-ready applications, architecture and performance best practices, and delving into the components of the framework. Listen / Code / Repeat. Everything you need to know to become a super Angular developer.

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🔥 Yo, peeps! You won't want to miss the latest episode of my Angular Master Podcast – AMP 42: Fanis Prodromou on Mastering Angular! We're stoked to have an incredible guest straight outta Athens, Greece 🇬🇷, a speaker, trainer, author, and YouTube star – the one and only, Fanis Prodromou!

We had a blast chatting about how he got into programming, his love for Angular, and the scoop on his dope YouTube channel. We also got into some juicy tech debates like Reactive Forms vs. Template Driven Forms, Standalone Components, and the future of Angular! 🚀

So, if you're an Angular enthusiast, you seriously can't miss this episode. Tune in and level up your Angular game with Fanis Prodromou! 💯

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