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Dariusz Kalbarczyk

Learn, grow and connect with the Angular community like never before. The Angular Master Podcast is a broadcast aimed at all Angular developers. We cover topics such as building production-ready applications, architecture and performance best practices, and delving into the components of the framework. Listen / Code / Repeat. Everything you need to know to become a super Angular developer.

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Welcome back to the Angular Master Podcast! I'm your host, Dariusz Kalbarczyk, co-founder of NG Poland, JS Poland,, and In this episode, we're thrilled to welcome a special guest from Stockholm, Sweden: Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz.

Ahsan is an educator, author, Google Developers Expert, software architect, and speaker who has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience in the Angular community. In this episode, Ahsan shares his journey and the challenges he faced while managing over 80 independent Angular projects.

Tune in to hear Ahsan discuss:

  • The common problems encountered in managing large-scale Angular projects.
  • Overcoming the "Frankenstein's Monster" state of a sprawling codebase.
  • Differences in codebase management between the first and second editions of the "Angular Cookbook."
  • Why NX workspaces were chosen for project management and the alternatives considered.
  • How custom generators and automation in NX significantly reduced development time.
  • Achieving consistency across projects with NX schematics.
  • The custom NX plugin developed by Ahsan to streamline project setup and naming conventions.
  • Challenges in convincing teams and stakeholders to adopt NX workspaces.
  • Key benefits of using NX workspaces for large-scale Angular projects.
  • The most rewarding aspects of achieving true code harmony across 80+ projects.

In addition to the technical deep dive, we get to know Ahsan on a personal level. He shares insights into self-organization, his favorite hobbies, and maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Whether you're an Angular developer or simply interested in effective project management, this episode is packed with valuable insights and practical advice. Don't miss it!

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