Business Pinoy Podcast with Mommy Negosyo

Business Pinoy Podcast with Mommy Negosyo

Myrna "Mommy Negosyo" Tam-Natividad

The podcast that helps women and men like you, go from fear, confusion, and self-doubt to self-confidence and fulfillment by discovering, starting, and growing the best businesses for you in less than a year, through my business coaching and mentoring programs. Hosted by Mommy Negosyo. Join me here each week as I share encouragement, guidance, resources, tools, actionable and proven steps that you can use to start and grow your business the right way, so that you’ll avoid the mistakes that most people, including myself, have made.

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Have you ever pondered the reasons behind some businesses losing their customers while others have a knack for retaining them and even attracting repeat business?

If you're curious about the secret to improving customer experience for small businesses, you're in for a treat.

Join me in this episode as we unravel the secrets behind creating an unforgettable customer experience for your small business.

In this informative session, we'll show you how to enhance the customer experience for your small business, fostering lasting affection for your brand and ensuring repeat patronage.

Come along as we explore the ways to ensure customers keep returning for more. Don't pass up the opportunity to transform your small business into a customer magnet!

Highlights of this episode:

- Why is the Importance of Customer Experience Important?

- What to do when Solving Complaints is Not Enough?

Who is Mommy Negosyo?

Myrna “Mommy Negosyo” Tam-Natividad is the first-ever Female Entrepreneur of the Year Awardee of the Department of Trade and Industry in Zamboanga City for 2017 and the prime developer of Grow Your Business, Pinoy! Roadmap® (GYBP! Roadmap®). She was also chosen as one of the 100 Most Influential Filipinas in 2018 by the Global Association of Women called Filipina Women's Network based in the US.

Empowering 10,000 Pinays like you to become successful business builders!

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