I'll Ask my Mam

I'll Ask my Mam

Ciara Dalton

I'll Ask my Mam is a brand new Irish Comedy podcast hosted by Ciara and Lorna Dalton, that both you and yer Ma will enjoy! Although Ciara is technically an adult she still often finds herself in situations where she thinks to herself "God, I'll have to ask my Mam". From chatting about relationships to giving out about periods, nothing is off the table with these two. Have a listen and enjoy some wholesome, stimulating conversation between two highly educated, intelligent, honest women (NOT)!!

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In this weeks episode, (the last one of season 2!!!), Ciara (David Berkowitz) and Lorna (Aileen Wuornos) talk about all things true crime, inspired by the recent documentary that we watched, about the infamous murder of Sophie Toscan Du Plantier in West Cork in 1996. Naturally, we take an online quiz to find out which serial killer we are. 

This episode also includes Lorna disclosing her true calling as Sister Lorna, how she resembles a toe in the summer months, and Ciara reveals the trilogy that helped her lose 1 and a half kilos in two hours! Stay tuned to find out.

There will be lots more fun and laughs in season 3 aka Skinny Season when we return! In the meantime listen back to any of our episodes that you might've missed, and tell all of your ma's and friends to listen to us, we'd really appreciate it!

Thank you so much for continuing to listen to us two gobshites talk absolute crap for the past two seasons!

We love yis,

C & L x

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