It's a Drama Podcast

It's a Drama Podcast

Liz Deacle and Brian Deacle

A husband and wife comedy podcast hosted by world traveller and best-selling comedy author Liz Deacle and her partner-in- crime, husband, Brian. The couple talks candidly, hilariously and honestly about travel, family, food and trying hard to get through the second half of life in one piece... Expect frank and funny chats as well as wine, laughter and the occasional leak of urine.

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Listen to the last episode:

This was one of the hardest podcast episodes I have ever recorded. But it was necessary.

I won't watch the recording back because I know for a fact that I'll get cold feet and tell Bri to delete it.

So. I hope it's okay and that it isn't too upsetting for you—my sincere apologies if it is. My intention was never to make you feel sad, only strong. Hugged. Confident. Brave enough to speak your truth. To always say what you wish to say to the people who matter the most.

Because the world needs truth.

The world needs real.

The world needs people like you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening.


Liz x 

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