It's a Drama Podcast

It's a Drama Podcast

Liz Deacle and Brian Deacle

Liz is a 51-year-old woman who sweats far too much and has taken to repeating herself often. The family have chosen to ignore the fact that she consistently forgets which day the bins need to be wheeled out.
 Liz started this podcast in the hope that her teenagers would think she was cool. And that maybe (just maybe) it would earn her some money to buy wine and stuff. Although she is currently sober and broke she continues to have frank and honest conversations with her very patient husband, Brian, who she managed to rope onto the podcast so that she wouldn’t feel so scared and cry when people said mean things about her in the comments. A wonderfully funny, frank, honest and inspirational podcast about life, marriage, money, and dreams and all the other stuff in between that normal couples tend to keep to themselves…

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Welcome back!

Regular listeners to this show will already know all about Brian's little problem. His closet obsession.

If you are new to the show (welcome!) and you aren't aware of what we're talking about, fear not; you soon will.

In this weeks show, we talk about Brian's inherited hindrance, rearing cattle and putting yourself out on social media when it terrifies the heebie-jeebies out of you... 


PS: Don't forget! If you would like Liz to continue reading snippets of her book, then email her at with "keep reading the book!" in the subject matter. Thank you so much for your wonderful support.

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