Jazz Beats - a Utah Jazz Podcast

Jazz Beats - a Utah Jazz Podcast

Jazz Beats

In a world of teams that travel from arena to arena in a fight for the NBA championship, there is one team that brings balance and rhythm to the court. Only those infected with Jazz fever can feel the beat that fills the stands and brings tears of joy across the great state of Utah. Jazz fans are without a doubt the best in the league and they deserve a podcast that is made by the fans for the fans! The Jazz Beats Podcast is your favorite place to get recaps and opinions that don't really matter or have any credibility. We want to share our passion of the Jazz with other like-minded geniuses.

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The 2023 draft is over. The Jazz did great with their 3 picks! Taylor Hendricks, Keyonte George, and Brice Sensabaugh are our rookies this year. A pretty diverse group of rookies, and we see Hendricks making immediate impact on the floor.

Also, the blockbuster trade with the Atlanta Hawks sends Rudy Gay and a 2nd round pick to Atlanta for John Collins! Collins is a name the Jazz have been looking at for a couple of years now and Danny Ainge finally got the deal done.

Tune in to this episode of Jazz Beats to find out what hosts Jackson Stevenett and Tyson Curtis think of the new additions.

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