Vancouver Bitcoiners

Vancouver Bitcoiners

Vancouver Bitcoiners

What we're about Vancouver Bitcoiners gathers like-minded individuals, for the spreading of knowledge and experience relating to Bitcoin, the Lightning Network and Layer 2 solutions such as Liquid (L-BTC). What To Expect This group meets every third Thursday (approx.) and will feature expert speakers fluent in a variety of Bitcoin related topics. Discussions about scaling, incentive structures, game theory, other layer 2+ Bitcoin solutions and developments, security, and privacy.

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The recent Bitcoin Block Party at The Beaumont Studios was a day filled

with learning, celebration, and community appreciation for Bitcoin. Attendees were treated to both indoor and outdoor experiences, with many donning their sunglasses to enjoy the sun.

A massive thank you goes out to our sponsors including Coincards, Iris

Energy, coinos, Van City, Vancouver Bitcoiners, and mintgreen - among many others. Their unwavering support made this event a reality.

The culinary delights were aplenty, with Old Country Pierogi serving up

authentic Polish and Eastern European dishes. Sweet tooths weren’t left

out, with Petit Bom Bon and Laughing Bean offering delectable desserts

and baked goods. Not to be outdone, Honest to Pete kept the energy alive

with their beloved coffee, embodying the essence of cherished moments.

Fun, interactive booths like a lightning arcade machine added a unique

touch, with talks of Bitcoin payments for Pierogi's, coffee, baked

goods, and potentially even 'Sats for Shirts'.

Attendees also had the chance to enrich their knowledge through

workshops on topics like Self Custody with Leo, with more lined up for

future editions.

The atmosphere was electrified with music from DJs like STAR×DUST,

Paulina Gemini, and Kris Jones. Bitcoin-inspired art adorned the venue,

courtesy of artists like Bitcoin Apex and Cryptograffiti.

For the bibliophiles, an onsite library featured enlightening reads such

as "B is for Bitcoin" by Seb Bunney & Daz Bea and "Thank God for

Bitcoin" by Jimmy Song.

All in all, it was a day where Bitcoin wasn’t just a digital currency;

it was a culture, a community, and a cause for celebration.

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BTC Van City⁠ ⁠ |

Vancouver Bitcoiners |

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QuickBit |

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Mike Kitt

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Panties for Bitcoin |

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