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Paul Higgins

The Accelerate Sales Podcast with Paul Higgins is packed with practical sales strategies to scale your Cloud Consulting Business. Paul brings you global experts from multiple cloud platforms including SalesForce, Microsoft, HubSpot, Zoho, Asana, ClickUp who have cracked the code to accelerate sales. Paul's solo shows combining his 29 years of business experience including 18 years at Coca-Cola and successfully scaling and exiting his Cloud consulting business. If you are a Cloud Consultant, tech reseller or tech consultant who is looking for inspiration, motivation and education to scale your Cloud Consulting business - this is for you. Subscribe to our channel here -

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Hello, I'm Paul Higgins, and welcome to Accelerate Sales solo podcast episode number 445

Today's topic is

  1. Start the year with less 

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I share my learnings from mentoring cloud consultants - typically 10-15min max.  

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  • You are probably listening to this at the beginning of 2023
  • To be honest - it doesn't matter as what I will share with you today applies to the start of any year 
  • You have a break and feel refreshed 
  • The first day you clear your emails and easy tasks 
  • Then the oh hell moment hits you 
  • You ask yourself - do you do all of the work 
  • You think to yourself - you must be crazy 
  • No wonder you felt so burnt out at the start of the year 
  • Well, the good news is - it doesn't have to be that way 
  • You have the power to change it

Before I continue, I would like to talk about the scaling blueprint for Cloud Consultants.

Please read it and see what you have right and what is missing

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  • Back to how you simplify your business - because, lets face it, you only have yourself to blame if it isn't 
  • My father-in-law could build anything. 
  • One of his masterpieces was a fiberglass camper/caravan. 
  • It had to meet a specific weight limit for his Toyota Rav 4. 
  • When he went touring, he put a green sticker on everything he used. 
  • When he got back, he would remove everything without a sticker. 
  • Yes, it helped with weight and fuel efficiency; however, it also removed clutter. 
  • Simple and effective. 
  • I apply his logic when I return from my summer break (Dec/Jan in Australia)
  • Throughout the previous year, I have accumulated actions in my business. 
  • If I don't use them in January, I delete them. 
  • It simplifies my business and gives me space to add more during the year. 
  • Some examples 
  • I was writing a separate newsletter and Linkedin posts. Now write once and repurpose 
  • I was sending individual messages for people who downloaded my blueprint - now one video sent by the team 
  • I was typing replies to emails - now I record a video 
  • I was creating extensive show notes for my interview podcast - now I provide an unedited transcript  

What about you? 

What can you start with less this year? 


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Thank You for Tuning In!

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