How To Play The Sax - Saxophone Podcast

How To Play The Sax - Saxophone Podcast

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Have Fun. Play Saxophone. Be Awesome. Repeat. The Website, Youtube Channel and Saxophone Podcast are dedicated to helping YOU become a better saxophonist. My name is Matthew and I help beginner saxophone players of all ages learn how to play their favourite Rock, Soul, Funk and Blues songs without reading music – quickly and easily – with my online saxophone lessons via the Membership inside, via my Blog, via my Youtube Channel and via this Saxophone Podcast ! Whether it’s impressing your friends, or improving your own bedroom warrior chops, getting up to speed to join a band, or simply helping you play the music that YOU want to play, I am here to help your saxophone dreams become a reality. If you want to learn how to play the saxophone, you’ve come to the right place 🙂 I can provide you with the guidance, structure, organisation, curation, expertise and skills you need to be the saxophone player that you have always wanted to be. And we’ll have some fun along the way ! I created this Saxophone Podcast (and Website and Youtube Channel) to be the resources that I wish I had when I was learning how to play the saxophone. Let's learn how to play the sax ! Thanks, Matthew from

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Saxophone Beats - How To Play The Saxophone

Some beginner saxophone lessons students of mine were recently having troubles with their saxophone beats.

Not just limited to saxophones: music of all kinds usually has a beat of some description.  Playing along with a beat can sometimes be a little tricky.  But it doesn’t have to be !!

This saxophone podcast episodes explains the difference between an on-beat and an off-beat, particularly in terms of saxophones.

Saxophone Beats.
Saxophone Beats Saxophone Lesson.
Saxophone Beats Saxophone Lessons.
Saxophone Beats Tutorial.
Saxophone Podcast.

Online Saxophone Lessons.
Beginner Saxophone Lessons.
How To Play The Saxophone.
How to Play the Sax.


At we are all about quick wins, tips, hints and suggestions, as well as helping you take your saxophone playing to the next level.

And we have some fun along the way.

Even if you have never played the saxophone before, we can get you started with learning how to play the saxophone and have you rocking and rolling in no time.

The Cheat Sheets inside the Members Area (and the Members Forums) at make learning how to play the saxophone easier too.

This is an edited and abbreviated saxophone lesson (actually it's a combination of TWO video saxophone lessons).  The full video saxophone lessons for this song inside the Members Area at runs for just under 44 minutes.

Please don’t forget to Have Fun, Play Saxophone, Be Awesome and Repeat 🙂

Thanks !


Not a member yet ?  Really ?!?  Join us and get access to the always increasing library of saxophone lessons, PDF cheat sheets, a saxophone players community - and learn how to play the sax !

If you would like simple step by step instructions to help you learn how to play the saxophone:

  • all designed to help you play the Rock, Soul, Funk and Blues music that YOU want to play quickly and easily,
  • all neatly organised in the one convenient location,
  • all provided by an experienced saxophone teacher,
  • all available when ever it suits YOU (rather than when it suits someone else),
  • with a forum community to ask questions and receive (and give) answers,

then check out our saxophone lessons membership options.

Get started on your saxophone journey today !

Remember – I can help you learn How To Play The Sax 🙂 🎷

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