Mga Kwentong Burnout

Mga Kwentong Burnout

Karen Nicole

Pagod ka na ba? Same. This is just a podcast of a 23 year old who doesn't know how to cope with everything that's happening, so she decided to share her problems to the internet instead. She tries her best but most of the time, her best is not good enough, pero wala siyang pake.

Categories: Comedy

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It's been a while, but I'm back with a "self-reflection" regarding my first year in medical school.

Listen as I answer the usual questions asked by people who are relatively curious kung ano ba talagang ginawa ko sa med last academic year. This episode will feature our neighbors' loud dogs and my excessive use of the word "break" in the first few minutes of the podcast.

Apologies for the change in audio quality, because nasa Manila pa rin yung condenser mic ko (unfortunately).

You can reach me through my twitter account (@karenthepotato) or through my curiouscat account ( Thank you as always for listening!

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