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This podcast tackles the in and outs of VA Life and how The VA Hub helps VAs jump-start their career as a VA.

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The Disney song “A Whole New World” might be familiar to you but here at The VA Hub, it also sounds like another popular word called “AWOL”.

Get to know why AWOL is a popular term in the recruitment industry and why it’s a forbidden technique in the Virtual Assistance world!

Let’s talk about HOW:

  • To overcome job burnout
  • Important it is to resign gracefully
  • To balance a WFH life

Remember, saying goodbye and resigning properly is just as important as starting your career on the right track! It’s time to properly close old doors and open new ones with valuable tips from us!

Tune in to the VA Hub Pinoy VA Podcast Episode 16 tonight at 6 PM via Facebook live!

You can also watch and listen to our previous episodes on Spotify and Youtube.



Prepare your questions and concerns later! See you tonight!

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