Love's A Secret Weapon Podcast

Love's A Secret Weapon Podcast

Donna Loren and Dr Adam Gerace

Donna Loren takes audio book reading to an innovative new level! In storytelling and autobiography, singer-actress Donna Loren and her collaborator Dr Adam Gerace delve into her life and career at the height of the Swingin' Sixties and what it all means for her today. Let's talk it over!

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In this next chapter of Donna’s memoir…

As Donna begins to form a new life and friendships on the Big Island of Hawaii, she is visited by someone from her past – her former father-in-law, Si. 

Plus, Donna and Dr Adam welcome their next fan guest, Kyle Jasper! Kyle is an 18-year-old drummer who joins Donna and Dr Adam to talk about his love of mid-century music, fashion and his own musical influences as the trio delve into the groundbreaking rock opera episode of Shindig called “Shindig Place”.

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