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Success Stories

Jose Pinero

How can we become more successful? Learn the secrets of the most influential people and apply them to your life. Join corporate executive and career coach Jose Pinero as he interviews fascinating leaders and brings inspiring stories, lessons and advice to empower and elevate all.

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Esther Aguilera is the President and CEO of the Latino Corporate Directors Association, which is made up of Latino executives serving in large public and private companies. Through this organization, they’re aiming to increase the representation and inclusion of Latinos at the corporate board level. 

Out of the Fortune 1,000, the top one thousand highest-performing and largest companies in America, Latinos take up only 2% of those board seats. The Latino Corporate Directors Association is trying to change that.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Esther’s journey to get where she is today 
  • Her family’s repatriation story and coming to America
  • Her experience working with public policy
  • And so much more!

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By sharing knowledge, we all can elevate our Latino community to greater success.

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