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This was recorded on a windy morning beside the Mattole River Estuary at Mattole Beach, Humboldt County, California. The roaring surf is heard in the background as small wind waves lap at the shore of the estuary. 

I was fortunate to make a quick trip out to the Lost Coast and camped for one night at Mattole Campground on Mattole Beach near the mouth of the Mattole River. It was very windy for the short time I was there, but nevertheless I was lucky to make a few recordings. This recording was made with the help of a driftwood hut someone had built on the beach beside the estuary, which provided good shelter from the strong, gusty wind. 

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This episode is dedicated to a very good friend of mine that recently died, Orion Gardner. He was one of my oldest and dearest friends, and an incredible human being who will be sorely missed.

Thank you for listening. Stay healthy, stay safe, stay sound. 

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