8 Hour Sleep Music

8 Hour Sleep Music

8-Hour Sleep Music

8 hours of relaxing meditation music, white noise, nature sounds, and binaural beats to help you get to sleep fast. The perfect background music to play while studying, working, doing meditation, or practicing yoga. Email us at 8hoursleepmusic@gmail.com with any comments, questions, or advertising inquiries. Thanks for listening!

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Brown Noise has been shown to ease the symptoms of ADHD allowing you to gain mental focus and clarity so you can get more work done, and be more efficient and less distracted by the things around you. Brown noise is a more warm and soothing version of white noise, with the lows boosted and the high frequencies lowered to create a more pleasant sound to listen to. Try it out next time you have a big project and need to focus deeply, or simply use to block out ambient noise and help you get to sleep, just like our other 8-hour long sleep music podcasts. Thanks for listening!

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