Abide Bible Sleep Meditation

Abide Bible Sleep Meditation

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Fall asleep fast & get the healing deep sleep you need for your mind, body and soul with Abide Christian Bible sleep meditations.

⭐Abide is the #1 Bible app to stress less & sleep better. Join the millions of people who download the 4.9 star reviewed Abide app to reduce stress, improve sleep and experience the peace of God everyday.

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According to meditation research...
84% of Christians who meditate at least weekly have the strongest faith in God
81% of Christians who meditate at least weekly experience God's peace the most
Mindfulness meditations like Abide Christian meditations can measurably:
▶ Improve the quality and length of your life
▶ Reduce stress, blood pressure, pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictive impulses & cravings
▶ Grow brain density in regions responsible for memory, compassion, self-awareness and introspection

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Relax and fall asleep fast to this Bible meditation for deep sleep with relaxing Christmas music for sleeping. Let your body sleep and your mind rest in peaceful assurance that God satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things. Unlock the premium ad-free Christian Bible sleep meditation experience in the Abide app: https://abide.co/signup?ref=podcast

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