First Aid Chats by Dr. G

First Aid Chats by Dr. G

Adanna Grandison

This patient medical education forum provides the public with a unique opportunity to talk with medical professionals about various medical topics. It is done in the format of a call-in program so that you have the opportunity to enrich your listening experience by being provided with uptodate information, asking your questions and having them answered on the spot.

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During this episode, Dr. G is joined by her co-host Dr. Broome- Webster as they have a robust panel discussion on COVID-19 featuring Dr. Brendan Larder- Virologist, Dr. Lynda Williams- Epidemiologist, Dr. Lauren Linton-Genomicist, Dr. Marquita St. Hilaire. They take an indepth look at the role and suitability of testing modalities as well as vaccines and the role these two areas of interests play in the pandemic response.  Follow us  at or instagram @cornerstonemed_246

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