The Career Rx Podcast for Doctors

The Career Rx Podcast for Doctors

Marjorie Stiegler MD

You know you're not alone. Many doctors are frustrated by bureaucracy, stagnation, and burnout. If you're stuck on a career treadmill and your hard work isn't getting you the results you deserve, you need The Career Rx! This podcast is about modern business, branding, social media, and digital platforms to help physicians advance their careers. Grow your practice, build a successful physician side gig, achieve academic promotion, become a physician entrepreneur, and even transition to a nonclinical career. From the author of The Social Prescription (social media for doctors) and the creator of The Rx Series (business, public speaking, professional branding, and digital marketing for doctors), this podcast will help you do more of the work you love (and less of what you don't) by teaching you both timeless and modern career strategies that you don't learn in medical school. Finally, enjoy career success on your own terms with The Career Prescription podcast for doctors and other healthcare leaders.

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Think you might be interested in a career in pharma, but not quite sure how doctors work for pharmaceutical companies? Listen to this episode to learn about physician roles in medical affairs, and see if that might be a potential career path for you!

In this episode of The Career Rx we’ll discuss:

  • What a medical affairs physician does within the pharmaceutical industry
  • How this work helps science, physicians, and patients get what they need
  • Why medical affairs might be the right nonclinical career for you

Today’s episode is a continuation of a series that's specific to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industry. In this overview of careers in medical affairs, I highlight the various creative, and exciting roles that fall within the medical affairs department and how those roles help make an important scientific difference.

In this Episode: 

[1:30] What is Medical Affairs within industry?
[4:43] Bringing medical insight and clinician understanding
[8:00] Communicating the science to a variety of audiences, internal and external
[11:15] Being the steward of accurate and balanced information

Ready to learn more about exactly how to find those kinds of jobs, or how to critically evaluate your own skills and experience for transferability? Watch this free one-hour webinar on physician jobs in pharma. When you’re ready to get serious, join my course Industry Insider to get you the results you want, faster. 

Links and Resources: 

Industry Insider - learn exactly how to land a rewarding nonclinical career without a new degree, connections on the inside, prior experience, or a pay cut

The Branding Rx - 18 hours of CME, mastering digital strategies for advancing your career, building your business, and growing your professional brand

Episode 88 - What Physicians Do in Pharma: Drug Discovery and Development

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